Isabelle Fuhrman: edit challenge

  • 6. Favorite Outfits

Hi everyone! Its the 15th of september, which means its the one year anniversary of isabellefuhrma!! I kind of can’t believe this, but I just wanna say a massive thank you to all my lovely followers! Love you all so much! ♥

Isabelle Fuhrman: edit challenge

  • 5. Favorite Appearence

Isabelle + smile/laugh - [requested by Anonymous]

Anonymous SAID:
Could you please make gifs of isabelle laughing? I adore her smile and laugh and I'd really appreciate it 😍 I love your blog btw

Of course!! I totally agree with you and thank you so much cutie! :) (x)

Anonymous SAID:
I really wish isabelle would do something new. She hasn't done anything in almost 2 years!!!

I feel ya. I mean I wish she’d do more movies so we could get photoshoots, interviews and all that stuff but on the other hand, she’s 17. She’s still going to school and other actresses who are about the same age are getting home schooled so… But i believe we’ll probably see more of her in the near future and the reason why she was so inactive the past few months was bc she was in an acting school yay :)

Anonymous SAID:
Your blog is amazing 😍 I really wish you would post more often. I mean you have great edits, you're nice, and you even figured out how to make those DE gifs not ugly. I'm still working on doing that 😂😂😂 my point

Sorry the earlier message stops in midsentence (my phone sent it by accident) anyway.. I was saying: my point is I love your blog so much. Thank you for existing ❤️❤️

This is literally so sweet thank you!! I wanna post more often, really, I just don’t always find the time actually i started watching supernatural and i cant stop but I try my best! I wish Isabelle would like go to any award shows or anything along those lines so we could get new stuff to edit :D However, thank you so so much for your sweet words, these kind of messages really keeps me going to edit stuff from 2k12 haha


@Isabellefur: Before and After…. (x)

Isabelle + shoes - [requested by Anonymous]

Scene: After the reveal of Esther’s secret - [requested by Anonymous]

Anonymous SAID:
Hey! I hate to bug you but could you please show me how you edited the DE gifs so they didn't look ugly? Thank you

Hey you! My editing is never in a particular order, and I’m always doing it kind of different, depending on the picture/video. I just played a little with photoshop (Im using Photoshop CS5) and it luckily turned out pretty good.

So again, you guys are never bothering me, I love answering you guys, but please come off anon with questions like that, I don’t want to bug all my followers with this. I hope you understand this, and don’t are mad at me if I don’t answer these kind of questions anymore. : )