I hate to bug you after all the messages you've gotten but can you please tell me where the new pic is from? Isabelle is so cute and I would like to see it without the editing :p thank you!

You’re not bothering me at all… I got it from Twitter bc this cute anon messaged me here it is; don’t know about the original source though :)

stanford <3

yeahh <3

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I agree with the interviewer in your most current gifset.. she is perfect!

Haha I do too! What a precious little angel she is! :)

Isabelle: Good Day New York Interview scene - [requested by Anonymous]

Isabelle: Good Day LA interview - [requested by Anonymous]

sooo I officially have summer vacation, which means you guys can bombard me with any requests, memes, photosets, gifsets and anything along those lines… → message me :)

hello! what's your favorite picture (or one you really like) of isabelle?

Hey! There are so many though so i definitely can’t chose one but my favorite pictures are probably these:

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isabellefuhrma(.)tumblr(.)com/post/90648567947 - Is that her boyfriend?

I wish I knew it though. All I know is that he’s in Isabelle’s acting class :)

Isabelle (Clove) + Knives - requested by queenclato