Scene: After the reveal of Esther’s secret - [requested by Anonymous]

Anonymous SAID:
Hey! I hate to bug you but could you please show me how you edited the DE gifs so they didn't look ugly? Thank you

Hey you! My editing is never in a particular order, and I’m always doing it kind of different, depending on the picture/video. I just played a little with photoshop (Im using Photoshop CS5) and it luckily turned out pretty good.

So again, you guys are never bothering me, I love answering you guys, but please come off anon with questions like that, I don’t want to bug all my followers with this. I hope you understand this, and don’t are mad at me if I don’t answer these kind of questions anymore. : )

Anonymous SAID:
since the owner of dailyliberato found the clip originally and the clip was over two months old according to the actual source, it wasn't like it was a new clip they were ransoming off was it? All people had to do was google search it for long enough...

I’m sorry but I don’t get it… what happend had nothing to do with when the clip was released and honestly, I don’t want to get more into it. And seriously guys, come off anon. I really hate it to discuss this like that. And for the future, I will NOT answering such Anon messages okay? Thank you for comprehension.

Anonymous SAID:
Thank you so much for that! I hate when people ransom off clips. Thank you for not doing that. Also just saying, you should post the link in the Isabelle fuhrman tag :) so that other people don't have to wait too!

Oh you’re welcome!! And yes, you should’ve seen my reaction to that…I wasn’t too happy about it to say the least. I tagged it, thanks for reminding me of that! :)

Anonymous SAID:
what PSD did you use on the dear eleanor gifset? you actually fixed the horrible coloring! :O

In this case I’ve edited the gifs myself, but I usually apply psd from this blog. :)

Anonymous SAID:
please please tell me where you got the dear eleanor video. I've been waiting a legit two years for this movie :p I tried asking dailyliberato but they want 100 followers first. thank you!!

I know I’ve asked them in vain about it too, but I found it so here you go cutie! Also: There’s a probably huge spoiler in this clip. :)

Isabelle as Max the Wax in Dear Eleanor

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Isabelle Fuhrman: edit challenge

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Isabelle + my favorite and absolutely gorgeous moments of her - [requested by Anonymous]

Anonymous SAID:
Hey so I apologize as this is a weird request but can you please do a gif set of a moments where YOU think isabelle looks absolutely gorgeous? Thank you ❤️

Hey, don’t apologize! I personally love requests which are a little bit different so ;) Hope you like it!! :) ♥

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