isabellefuhrma(.)tumblr(.)com/post/90648567947 - Is that her boyfriend?

I wish I knew it though. All I know is that he’s in Isabelle’s acting class :)

Isabelle (Clove) + Knives - requested by queenclato

@Isabellefur: I do it for the love. ♡ amazing show last night :) @samsmithworld

Emoji Isabelle :Inspired by (x)

Hi. Do you know of any fashion blogs dedicated to Isabelle's style on Tumblr and or Instagram? (I'm thefashionofwillow) Thank you :)

Hi! (hope you don’t mind that I dont answer this privately) As far as I know, there’s only one and that’s fuhrmanfashion. They don’t have an Instagram I believe but a Twitter account :) i personally love their job so yall should follow them Hope this could help you!! :)

@Isabellefur: Original Slim Shady. @onwardtobattle #eminem #wembley #pumped

Hello! In this pic: thgrares(.)tumblr(.)com/post/88619664275/another-ke-ha-concert-pic do you know the names of any of the girls she's with? Especially the one wearing the pink feather earring? If u do please tell me who they are :) cause I see some of them with isabelle a lot so I'm wondering who they are. Sorry if I'm bugging you :P thank you so much!❤️

Hey! First of all, you’re not bugging me at all! But oh my god I have honestly no idea. That picture is like 2+ years old … I wish I knew it though. The only thing I could do for you if you come off anon is sending you a link to another few pictures of that concert. :) <3

Isabelle for Seventeen Magazine (2012) - [requested by Anonymous]

i know u get lots of requests hahaha but could u plz make a gifset of isabelle for seventeen magazine? :3

Of course!! Sorry for the little delay cutie :)